House in Leitrim

This project by Studio Red Architects required a large family home to be built on a beautiful site sloping down to Lough Melvin, Co. Leitrim.  The building is split into 3 distinct volumes – bedroom, living and leisure.  The volumes and materials are derived from simple agricultural buildings in order to bed into the landscape.

MCC_440_StudioRed_webMCC_637_StudioRed_webMCC_461_StudioRed_webMCC_026_StudioRed_webMCC_088_StudioRed_webMCC_248_StudioRed_webMCC_196_StudioRed_webMCC_180_StudioRed_webMCC_055_StudioRed_web  MCC_100_StudioRed_webMCC_095_StudioRed_webMCC_080_StudioRed_webMCC_696_StudioRed_webMCC_558_StudioRed_webMCC_712_StudioRed_web  MCC_735_StudioRed_web

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