Mayfield Birds of Prey

Willie Corcoran runs Mayfield Birds of Prey in Waterford.  It’s rare to meet someone who has such a passion and love in what they do. We were drawn in by the stories he had for each bird and descriptions of their personalities.

Set in the old workhouse in Kilmacthomas, Willie made sure the booking was only us, he strongly believes in promoting wildlife and their welfare. We (four of us) were the audience for over an hour and a half and were granted the opportunity to hold, feed and fly the birds, an experience that I really can not put into words (the kids did a better job talking about it non-stop)

If the opportunity arises to pay them a visit, take it…….you won’t regret it. Great value for money considering the once in a lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal with such majestic creatures.

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