House in Leitrim

This project by Studio Red Architects required a large family home to be built on a beautiful site sloping down to Lough Melvin, Co. Leitrim.  The building is split into 3 distinct volumes – bedroom, living and leisure.  The volumes and materials are derived from simple agricultural buildings in order to bed into the landscape.     

Streets of Dublin

I took these in September 2013, but never got the chance to upload them here to my blog. This is a set of shots I took from our digital marketing partner based in Dublin, Tinderpoint. The ever-talented creative team at Emagine designed their website frontend, but we needed a series of edgy photos to match their contemporary brand. Tinderpoint didn’t want your typical ‘Failte Ireland’ portrayal of Dublin. Not that’s there’s anything wrong with that, they just wanted to put their own stamp on their view of the streets of Dublin with a somewhat ‘grittier’ look & feel.  

‘Tis a soft ‘ol day

A simple little video I put together on a typical rainy Sunday afternoon in my parents back garden. Little did I know that would pick up on it. Their page received over 21,000 views and with the video being played 3,500 times overnight, I’m calling this one, it’s official…  I went viral 🙂

Sunny Saltee Islands

We were seriously lucky with an exceptional day on Great Saltee. The Saltee Islands, comprising of the Great and Little Saltee, are located approximately 5km off the coast of Co Wexford. The island is privately owned, but is a wildlife refuge that can be accessed during the day via a boat from Kilmore Quay. It is famous for its puffin population but unfortunately we were a little early to witness their annual visit to the island which occurs in June/July. I’ll need to borrow a monster 500mm for the next time, my 70-200mm just didn’t cut it for wildlife closeups.  

Anyone for cake?

I recently helped with a a set of images for Anne Marie in Cherub Couture Cakes… these confectionary creations gave me the ideal opportunity to explore the world of DLSR video and do some basic editing in post production.

steelwool spinning

Twisted Firestarter

Armed with a stock of steel wool, a butane torch, some rope and a whisk… it wasn’t your typical Friday night romantic date! Something I’ve always wanted to try out and Sue was only too happy to oblige. In fact, acting as my ‘Firestarter’ she risked life, limb and an expensive gortex jacket for the sake of art 🙂 Our first go at spinning steel wool yielded some very satisfying results and gave us the bug and inspiration to bring it a step further next time. I’ve decided that it’s all about location. Pick a spot that would look amazing …

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